LinEAK XMMS plugin


This is a plugin for LinEAK to control XMMS. It communicates with XMMS over a socket by using its library, which is much faster than using its command-line interface, because that spawns a process for each command.

The current version of the plugin is 0.9.1 for use with LinEAK 0.9 and XMMS 1.2.11.


The plugin is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or any later version. At runtime it is linked with LinEAK and XMMS, which are also both distributed under the GPL. It is provided in the hope that it will be useful, but with absolutely no warranty. See the file COPYING or the GNU license page for details.


Source code:

archive lineak_xmmsplugin-0.9.1.tar.gz (11.34 KB; 2010-10-17)

Building and installing

The LinEAK and XMMS development files are required to build the plugin. To build and install, run

make install

When installed correctly, LinEAK will show “Plugin xmms” in the list of available plugins, which can be accessed with

lineakd -L


The plugin provides the following macros:

XMMS_PLAYPAUSE Toggle between play and pause
XMMS_REWIND Rewind to beginning of track
XMMS_NEXT Next track
XMMS_PREVIOUS Previous track
XMMS_FORWARD and XMMS_BACK Skip forward and back within the current track by 15 seconds by default, or by the number of seconds given as an argument.
XMMS_VOLUP and XMMS_VOLDOWN Adjust the XMMS volume control by 5% by default, or by the percentage given as an argument.
XMMS_MUTE Adjust the XMMS volume to zero or restore it to the previous level.
XMMS_BALANCE Set volume balance to center if no parameter is given, or adjust by the percentage given as a positive (right) or negative (left) argument.

For example, a basic configuration in lineakd.conf might include:

Next       = XMMS_NEXT
Previous   = XMMS_PREVIOUS
Stop       = XMMS_STOP
Rewind     = XMMS_REWIND
Forward    = XMMS_FORWARD(10)
Back       = XMMS_BACK(10)