Slashdot Expandable Comment Tree

The new discussion system rendered this script obsolete, but it remains here for reference.

This script was intended to make reading of Slashdot discussions more convenient. It inserted buttons to expand and collapse any comments and comment threads on a page. Comments not on the original page were loaded from the server.

The script comes in two versions: one using XPath to find page elements (for use on Mozilla Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension), and one using plain DOM (for use with Opera 8).

With XPath:

document slashdot_expandable_comment_tree.user.js (21.97 KB; 2006-06-10)

Without XPath:

document slashdot_expandable_comment_tree-sans_xpath.user.js (24.63 KB; 2006-06-10)

See the top of the script for more information.

This script is also hosted over at