Yewslip programming language


Yewslip is an interpreted general-purpose programming language. It is designed both as a language that is simple to understand and to use for standalone software, and as an extension language for C++ programs.

The current version of the Yewslip interpreter and library is 0.2. All originally intended features have been implemented in this version, but many new features and improvements are planned.


Yewslip is free software with a BSD-style license. It is provided in the hope that it will be useful, but with absolutely no warranty. See the file LICENSE for details.

Precompiled binaries for the Windows platform are linked statically against the PCRE library and an iconv library. See the files LICENSE_PCRE.txt and LICENSE_ICONV.txt for information about their copyrights and licenses.


Source code:

archive yewslip-0.2.tar.bz2 (370.57 KB; 2008-10-12)

Compiled interpreter for Windows:

archive (561.47 KB; 2008-10-12)


There is an, as yet, incomplete, programming guide available.

Beyond that, all kinds of specifics, such as the built-in functions, are documented by the source code.