dedup finds and deletes duplicate files.

It can also list duplicate or unique files without deleting them and compare two directory trees.



archive dedup-0.4.1.tar.gz (8.15 KB; 2016-11-29)

repository Source code on GitHub


This program is a single Python file that works in both Python 2 and 3.


Usage: dedup [-x command | -i | -n | -d] [-rfvla] source ... target

Delete every source that matches target or any item it contains. Files are
compared by content, directories by item names and content.

  -a          compare sources to each other, not to target
  -r          recursively delete individual items in source
  -f          do not delete directories, only files
  -v          be verbose, showing what is deleted
  -x command  execute command instead of deleting, $1 is source, $2 is target
  -i          instead of deleting, list matches
  -n          instead of deleting, list non-matches
  -d          instead of deleting, compare two trees in a diff-like output
  -l          list all matching targets
  -c command  pipe file contents through command before comparing, $1 is file
  -p command  compare pairs of files with command, $1 and $2 are files

See the man page for details and examples.


This program deletes your files.